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Linear Phase Studio Monitor

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8810 Linear Phase Studio Monitor

Hello everyone, I'm writing you about my new linear phase studio monitor, which I bought from the store "pioneer broadcasting" in lawrence, this monitor is amazing! It captures all the precise linear phase conditions found in a commercial or large room completely without anyuumk or complexity. the monitor also has a horizontal and vertical monitoring input, so you can easily check the status of the monitor in a given position. the monitor also has a built-in mic and speaker, so you can easily hear the presenter or audience in the room. Making it perfect for any production purpose. I highly recommend this monitor to anyone looking for perfect linear phase performance in a professional environment!

Linear Phase Studio Monitor Ebay

Linear phase monitor are a great choice for those who need accurate and high-quality sound. Using a linear phase monitor can improve your sound quality by eliminating any fluctuations in speaker quality that can be found when using other monitors. Linear phase monitors are also easy to work with, making it the perfect choice for small spaces or those who want an accurate sound without sacrificing features or customer satisfaction. these vintage studio monitors offer 3-way floor standing speakers for a powerful and clear sound. The sound is characterized by a bit of dead spot on-center, but also some action and life in the midrange and high end. These speakers are a great option forobarring layers or eq'ing. this linear phase monitor has two pairs of monitor arms, which make it the perfect choice for standing studio listening. The high end features an8820's two-way floor standing monitor principle and the choice for two left and right monitor arms, which means that you can have two or three sources connected together in a listening situation. The linear phase monitor has a very good sound quality with very little sound quality fluctuations. The features are: -Two pair of monitor arms -High end sound with two different sounds -2 way floor standing principle -2 ways of sound for high end and low end sources The linear phase studio monitor is a great choice for those looking for a monitor that can produce accurate and clear sound with three way crossovers. This monitor has 8810d driver and parts 3 way crossovers for accurate sound quality.