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Lg Monitor Power Adapter 19v

Are you looking for a mid-priced ac adapter? this is the perfect product for you! This ac adapter provides power for your lg monitor, and it's a good value for the price you pay. With this ac adapter, you can enjoy your monitor without breaking the bank!

Lg Monitor Adapter 19v

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19v Lg Monitor Power Supply

This 19v lg monitor power supply is a 3a ac adapter charger for lg led lcd monitor ads-40fsg-19. It helps to connect other devices like docks and charger with the monitor to provide power for said devices. The power supply also helps to connect the monitor's audio and video out. the new and improved version of the lg monitor power adapter is this model that includes a 19v power connector and a 1. 2a or 1. 3a connector. This model is for the lg 19v series power supplies and can be used to connect to a standard 1. 3a power supply. The new model is now includes a led display that will show the model and power type. the lg monitor power adapter is a must-have for any monitor that requires electricity to power its device. This adapter is specifically designed for the lgc-19v monitor device, and helps to reduce power requirements for your device. The lg monitor power adapter is also a great accessory for the gamer in your home, or the outdoor buryman on the go. this ac adapter for led lcds comes with a 1. 7 a power supply that is compatible with most devices. It includes an ac wall plug and an included 19v 1. 7a plug.